Webber Township has entered into an agreement with the Lake County Community Foundation to create an endowment that will provide funds that may be used for improvement projects within the Township. Donations to LCCF by Township residents will go into this endowment if that is indicated on the check or other form of donation. The first $1000 donated to the Township’s endowment will be matched by LCCF. After a total of $10,000 has been donated to the endowment, accrued interest will be available to the Township. That amount, $10,000, must be donated by Decmber 16, 2016 or whatever has been donated will revert to the LCCF general fund and may be used for grant awards outside of the Township. So let’s all get on board to keep our LCCF donations within the Township.

Our refuse service is now A1 Services, there will be no change in pick up days or time the one large item per month is still available you should see no change except the name change on the trash receptacle at some point. To contact A1 services please call Floyd at 231-349-4815


Webber Township is located in Lake County which is on the western side of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It is about 75 miles north of Grand Rapids and about the same distance south of Traverse City. It is 30 miles east of Ludington which is on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Webber Township Location Map


Highways, roads and trails provide easy access to most of the Township. M37 crosses it north and south. US10 runs along the east part of the south boundary for about 2½ miles, then coincident with M37 to the middle of the Township, then west to the Township line. None of the Township is more than four miles from a major highway. A network of paved and gravel surface roads supplements the two main highways.

Webber Township Access Map